Monday, August 18, 2008


Oh my, Beth just amazes me with what's in that head of hers. This weekend we got a couple good ones!

1) She was pretending to cook soup while playing in the wading pool. We asked if it was chicken soup. She replied "It's not animal soup. It's just regular chicken soup." HAHAHAHA! I wonder if she'd become a vegetarian if she knew chicken she eats is chicken.

2) Today, Beth and Kevin were talking. She told him "after college, I want to teach dance." Wow, planning already. I'm just so proud she knows she has to go to college first.

3) I love 4 year old self awareness and self confidence. Anytime she gets dressed cute, usually a dress or skirt, she bats her eyes and twirls around. Then if we're going somewhere, she lets me know that our friends will think she's so pretty. She is, but geez!

More coming, with pictures, I promise.

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