Friday, August 15, 2008

Update, for now

Ok, so I was told I needed to update my blog. It's not like I've been to any foreign country or have an exciting new job to talk about. I spent 3 days cleaning my house between speding time with the kids. Yaya is coming today, flight delayed, but we're about to leave to get her. That's the most exciting thing in my life these days. We're going shopping and to get pedicures and to dinner and to hang out. I can't wait! :)

Until next time....
I do have something to update, with pictures, but I need more spare time.


Casey said...

I wish I could go shopping and get pedicures. :( I guess I will have to console myself by going to Italy or something.

Laura Hale said...

As Dad would say, 1-800-WWAAAHHHH