Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Show me a sign

We used sign language with Beth when she was a baby, and we think it really made a difference. By her first birthday, she had about 40 signs and about 100 spoken words. The signing helped skip the "terrible" twos because she could communicate her wants and needs.

Needless to say, we planned to do the same with Jacob. It hasn't been working so well. We didn't watch Signing Time as often, we weren't using the signs as often in our conversations, he just didn't care... Until now! Finally, he's interested the dvds, and he actually signed "more" while we were eating the other night. Hooray!!!! Now, he totally gets it and signs when he wants more food. He's also signed "eat" and we think he's working on signing "milk" (it looks like his wave, so we're not sure).

Signing "more"

Signing "eat"

Watching Signing Time

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