Friday, September 12, 2008

Hunkered Down

My parents and 88 year old grandmother arrived LATE last night evacuating Hurrican Ike. The normally 4.5 hour trip took 8.5 hours including a couple potty breaks and dinner stop. Nothing compared to Hurricane Rita when it took 14 hours to go a normally 1.5 hour trip. Anyway, they were under mandatory evacuation as they live very close to Galveston Bay. I'm so glad they're here and safe. Now, we just pray that the houses stay secure. The hurricane is scary enough, but the storm surge is what causes the most problems. Weathermen are prediciting the surge to be worse than Katrina. Yikes. Meanwhile, here, it's beautiful, sunny, warm weather. We're supposed to get some winds and rain from the storm, but it'll be nothing like the coast. Enough of that worry.

I love having my Nanny here. I never thought it would be possible given the long trip, her age, and her health. She's such a trooper! Today, we have to go get her nail fixed since she didn't have time to get to the salon before things closed yesterday. And, she's already told me that she's missing her weekly hair appointment today too. You know that has to be tough, being used to something for at least 30 years, every week, then to not have that part of the routine.

Jacob and Beth were so excited to see Yaya and Popi this morning, too. Lots of playing, a little weather watching, and who knows what else is in store for the weekend.

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Poefam said...

What a blessing in the midst of the storm! :) ... And, Q got that same little Romo jersey cute! :)