Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's that time again

Football season. Oh, I'm just filled to the brim with excitement. Can you tell? However, Kevin loves it, and Beth does too. No, she doesn't really get football, but Kevin's teaching her. This weekend was the first game of the season. My family was all geared up. Kevin and Beth went to Albertsons to get stuff for grilling. By the way, 10% off your purchase if you wear your jersey on game day. Kevin loved that! He said people were commenting on how cute Beth was dressed up and like Daddy with the jersey. Of course she's cute!
A couple weeks ago, we saw an ice cream cake with the Cowboy star on it, so Jacob and I were picking that up. Lots of food, especially just for our family, lots of football. I know they won, but I didn't really get to see the game as I was watching the kids. Shucks :)

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Grandma Charlotte said...

It's great to see the tradition continue with the Little Cowboys.
Looks like you guys had a great day!!!