Saturday, September 20, 2008

Time to treasure

Beth and Nanny got some great time together this past week. I loved coming upstairs to see Beth cuddled in Nanny's lap watching a movie. More than that, I love watching Nanny read to Beth or Beth read to Nanny. What precious memories Beth is building with Nanny.

Now, for those of you who don't know, Nanny is just shy of being 89. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer in the last year. This is the woman who has already beat breast cancer. The stomach cancer is in-operable. She's done rounds of chemo, which helped, though she hated the way she felt afterward. What bothered her most was not being able to see enough to read. She has lived a very full life and is coming to terms with what is left of her life. She choose a piece of her jewelry for each daughter, daughter in law, granddaughter and great-granddaughter (13, I think that's right). So, these opportunities we have to spend time with Nanny are all the more precious. Now, you see why I'm all kinds of sappy about seeing Beth and Nanny together?

Ok, back to the reading. Beth picked a Bible story book, and Nanny read the story (vs. 20-40) of building the altars to see if God or Baal would prevail. At the end of the story, Beth, in all seriousness, said "Well, that makes sense." Holy cow, what a thing to say! And she's so right, it does make sense. God can do anything, proving there is only one true God. Thank you, God, for being THAT God.

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Casey said...

Love the picture!

BTW- I tagged you for a survey on my blog! Have fun!