Wednesday, September 17, 2008


OMG, my grandmother is hilarious! She's always been a no-nonsense, tell it straight kinda person. Plus, she'll be 89 next month, and that earns her the right to say things the way she wants. I'm going to try to remember a few things she said that had me so tickled this week.

"I don't have nothing to show. One's cut off, one's hangin too low."
She was coming down in her jommies so we could wash her hair in the sink. Mind you, she's never washed her own hair as an adult. She goes to the beauty shop every week. That beauty shop is most likely gone thanks to Ike.

"One's too old, one's too black. I'll just vote democrat like I always do, I guess"
Ok, she seems to have views that are more in line with republicans, but she's voting democrat. Just a note, she doesn't like Obama, she's just settling. Why she can't look at the issues and vote McCain, I don't know. I tried to ask, but she doesn't talk politics other than that comment.

"She can't wait to get home to take her wig off, her false titty out and her false teeth out"
Referring to one of her senior center friends who's battled breast cancer

Gosh, I know there are a hundred more, but these are the most memorable from the week. I hope you're as tickled as I was.

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