Wednesday, September 17, 2008

These days

Hi friends and family-
I'm worn out, tired, my heart is heavy, you name it. I've had company, which most of the time I've enjoyed, for the last week. My (and the kids') routine is out of whack. My house is filthy by my/Kevin's normal standards. And yet, I want so much to be in Dickinson right now helping my parents and their neighbors clean houses and yards. But, it's not a place I need to take my children. They don't have electricity yet, and it may be a while as so many trees are on the power lines on their street. I want so much to see the town I grew up in, see how it fared, treasure those places with memories.

Please, if you are so inclined, pray for my family and those affected by Ike.
  • Pray that they have strength, endurance and courage to deal with all they have to do.
  • Pray that power is restored quickly.
  • Pray that Nanny (my grandma) will have the strength and courage to do what she needs to do this time and to hold to it in the future. Long story here, but trust me, she needs the prayer.
  • Pray that the country will step up to help the horribly ravaged areas like they did for Katrina. Galveston, Bolivar and San Leon were largely demolished, and similar to New Orleans, there are tons of government dependent people in those towns.

Oh, I just don't know what else to say. My heart hurts. When I get a chance and the pictures, I have a few posts in my head. You'll enjoy them.

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