Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Disney- Day 1

Ok, so I'm going to work on details of the trip. You may or may not enjoy these. Heck, I know Kevin is only going to look at the pictures.

Beth loved the airplane ride! Because we were toward the end of the line for boarding, we got separated in the plane- Beth and I in one row, Kevin in another. Thankfully, we sat by a very kind and patient man, Mr.Joe. He played games with Beth, let her look out his window, and listened to every word she said. Beth and I chatted with an attendant about this being her first plane ride. So, later, the flight attendant announced on the speaker that Beth in row 13 was a special guest. What fun! Plus, they gave her bunches of goodies and a certificate. Lunch at the Orlando Chili's airport then heading to Disney.
Staying at Disney is great. We checked our luggage in at the airport in Houston and didn't have to touch it again until it was in our room that night! Plus, a bus took us to the resort and buses take you to every park! When the bus driver told us we were entering Disney World (which is like a city all it's own), it was the coolest feeling to know that Beth was getting ready to start experiencing all the magic. Sappy me, I just about cried watching her face light up. We quickly got checked into our hotel room. Kevin and Beth checked out all the things we'd be doing for the week.
As the video on the bus ride suggested, the first plan was shopping and dinner at Downtown Disney. Beth had $30 of saved allowance money and $10 from Popi- she only bought a Minnie doll (but Kevin bought her a few things). We picked out special ornaments at the Christmas store, Beth made a tshirt, we got lots of treasures at World of Disney then dinner at Rain Forest Cafe. It was busy, but nothing like when we went with the Hales 6 years ago at Christmas.
It was a good first day and introduction to Disney stuff for Beth.
For more pictures from Day 1 click here

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jamielblev said...

I was sappy too on the bus into disneyworld. We didn't tell Shelby where we were going. She first learned of it on the movie on the bus. It was such a magical moment to see the expression on her face when she found out where we were. I cried. I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!