Friday, February 13, 2009

Disney- Day 5 back to Magic Kingdom

Since the night parade wasn't scheduled Tuesday, we made plans to head for Magic Kingdom a day the parade was happening. It's such a neat parade, we wanted Beth to see it. Plus, with all the princessy activity Tuesday, we didn't get to ride all the rides we wanted to.
We rode Pirates of the Caribbean (twice). They've changed it to incorporate the movies, and I didn't like it as much. However, at the entrance, "Yo ho ho, a pirate's life for me"- Beth recognized it as something her friend Jackson says. How cute! Aladdin's magic carpet ride was perfect for Beth. She got to "steer" it up and down, while Kevin got to steer it leaning forward and back. I got to hold on.

Jungle cruise is one of those classic rides. Beth kept asking, of course, "Is it real?". She listened closely to the cruise director, though she didn't get any of the cheesy jokes. Still, it was fun.

Of course we had to ride Haunted Mansion again (twice). Beth still declares it her favorite ride. We ate lunch at Pinnochio's something or other, which overlooks the It's a Small World ride. Of course we had to ride that one again. And, of course, we had to ride Buzz Lightyear again. This time, I noticed that the information screen where Buzz was telling people the mission was actually a giant view master. Love it! This time, I tried to let Beth shoot so I could drive (and not get dizzy), but she didn't go for that. She was nicer about driving/spinning it, thankfully!
We rode Carousel of Progess (twice). I tried to explain the old "ice box" and phonograph and other old stuff to Beth, but she couldn't quite understand. She did, of course, love the song, singing along every time- "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day..." This time on the teacups, Beth and Kevin got brave, holding their hands up. It was so much fun to watch them giggle.

We spent a little time waiting for things today, though it still wasn't bad. Ok, the line for meeting the fairies was horrible- an hour. We played tic-tac-toe (one of Beth's morning surprises), and I taught her how to play hangman. These are just a few pics from moments waiting. In one, I actually get to prove I was there too. :)

More characters. Today was the day we really needed to finish up since we weren't sure who would be found at Animal Kingdom on our last day. Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie were all found at once. Beth didn't like Genie, but loved meeting Jasmine and Aladdin.
Those fairies we had to wait so long for, it was worth it for Beth. She thought it was great. I loved how they were all so true to character, even when one of them goofed about a question, they recovered it. Fawn, Rain Drop and Tinkerbell.
While we were waiting for Tink and her friends, the skies opened up and rained POURED. So glad to be inside waiting before that hit! We rode the train to main street just in time to see part of the afternoon parade. Some very nice people scooched enough that Beth could be right up front to see. The man was wearing a Dallas Cowboys shirt, so he had to be alright, but after letting my kid in front, he won big points.

We stopped for an ice cream treat. Beth's was adorable with cookies to make Mickey ears. Not 10 licks into it, the ice cream rolled off the cone onto the sidewalk. She talked about that catastrophe the rest of the day. Poor girl. Next time, we'll get it in a bowl. I had a delicious root beer float, and Kevin had a double scoop cone. This nasty rainy weather wasn't getting any better, and my little travel umbrella (Thanks, Charlotte- it was a perfect size to carry around) wasn't working for all of us. I bought Beth a poncho. She was so upset since she wanted to use the umbrella. Of course, when I asked for a picture, she changed to a happy face quick!

Thanks to the rain, the night parade (the whole reason for going today) was cancelled. Crowds thinned out, and we literally walked onto any ride we wanted after dinner. The fireworks show still happened though. Beth covered her ears from the sound but still ooohhhed and aaahhhed. The castle in the foreground truly makes these fireworks more magical than just regular ones. What a show!
I was kinda sad this was our last day at Magic Kingdom, but we rode everything we possibly could, most more than once. What a magical place!

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