Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'll be back

I'm busy. Too busy to even be here right now.
Saturday, I'm hosting a baby shower for a precious friend. I have lots of chores to do for that.

Monday starts JBF- the best way ever to get rid of all the things we accumulate by having kids. So, this is what my guest room looks like as I work on things- hanging, ironing as needed, pricing, tagging, sorting. All the clothes hanging in the closet, the 3 boxes/tubs by the window, ALL the piles on the bed.
I promise that after Monday, maybe Tuesday, I'll be back to blogging. And, boy, do I have lots to blog. With pictures.


J.E.M. said...

Patiently awaiting new blog posts... :)

Jamie said...

hey laura! your kiddos are just so precious! and your parents are awesome too by the way...jay and i adore them! in answer to your question on my comments page a while back...our date night was wonderful we used to do a date night once a week when we first got married and have let it get overlooked the last few it is a must to add it back in...haven't gotten back to once a week yet but we are working on it! hope your shower goes well!

Angie said...

Have fun at JBF...we've been missing you on the blog... :)