Friday, February 20, 2009

Grandpa came to town

Ok, so I have a ton of things to blog that happened between Disney and now, but this is too fun not to blog tonight.

Grandpa, Kevin's dad, is in town to help Kevin with the first installation of our laminate floors. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!! The kids were so happy to see "Pa". They'd been waiting all day, knowing he was coming.

We had dinner at Logan's Roadhouse where Jacob alternated between screaming in general and flirting with the ladies behind us. Beth quietly colored and ate her dinner, mostly butter with a little bread. Jacob was cranky until his mashed tatas came, then we couldn't shovel it in fast enough. I swear I feed my kids. I just never know what they'll actually decided to eat from day to day. Heck, Beth even ate corn today for lunch, after declaring for a long time that she hates corn. Anyway, once the mashed tatas and sweet tea were gone, he was back to cranky and tired.

Once we got home and tucked Jacob into bed without a fuss, Kevin showed his dad the Wii. The Lablues have a Wii, but I don't think Ronnie's ever tried it, only watched. Tonight, we got him to play MarioKart and Guitar Hero. What fun! I think he may be asking the Lablues if he can come over to play now. :) I seriously don't know that I've ever seen Ronnie play anything of the sort, like games, and he was a great sport about it tonight. Beth was quite a cheerleader and teacher, too. I think Grandpa was pretty impressed with her.

Now, Grandpa is listening to Beth read a story for bed. Good stuff!



J.E.M. said...

What a good grandpa! And I can't wait to see the floors...

Casey said...

tatas could be read..

tatus (with a long a) or
ta-tas (with 2 short a's)

I can't quite figure out if he was excited about boobs or food. :) This could have been especially confusing if you went to Hooters. :)

Any pics from visiting Mom and Dad?

Laura said...

Sorry, no more ta-tas for Jacob. He got ta-tus. All fixed now.

Pics from mom and dad's visit coming soon.