Thursday, February 5, 2009

Disney- Day 3- Magic Kindom


This was the day Beth had been waiting for. Who can blame her?! When you think about Disney, you think about Cinderella's castle and all the rides Magic Kingdom has to offer. Her reaction once she saw it was priceless. She jumped up and down with excitement and wonder. Heck, I wanted to jump up and down, too, but I had to take the pictures.
We met characters, of course! Mary Poppins was just inside the entrance. I met Mickey and Minnie in Toontown by myself since Beth was adamantly (and boy, was there attitude) opposed to it.

Walking toward the castle, we discover a stage show. Of course we had to stop and watch. Beth didn't move an inch! When the princessess and princes came out, her jaw dropped. When the evil witch (I'm not going to try to spell her name- I'm tired) came out, she didn't like it. She listened to the story and believed it with all her heart. When Mickey told the audience to say, "Dreams come true!", she did with all her might. After the show was when she told us she didn't want to take gymnastics, she wants to keep dancing so she can dance on stage at Disney. What a perfect dream for a little girl! Who knows, maybe she'll even get to play a princess (but I couldn't tell her that since she thinks these were the real ones).

The main event(s) for the day- an appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and lunch at Cinderella's castle. She couldn't wait for these and kept asking if it was time. First, BBB, a place where every girl feels like a princess, picking out the perfect princess outfit (with shoes, a wand and a tiara), then getting all dressed up and fixed up with hair, makeup and fairy dust. Other than the tight hair pulling, Beth loved it. Kevin (still helping out with the backpack) enjoyed watching Beth have fun being a girl.

Beth's "Fairy Godmother in Training" took a moment to sprinkle Beth with some fairy dust. She thought that was the best! Then, she loved all the choices- what color eye shadow, what color lip gloss, what color polish, what color mini tiara....

She was anxious to see what she looked like and get to lunch. She was gorgeous! She walked out of there with the prissiest look on her face (other people even commented). Then, we went for a picture session. Once that was over, she got her comfy shoes on and spent the next half hour dancing, sashaying and curtseying in the park.

Finally, it was time for lunch at the castle. This was worse than a root canal, her anticipation and it not happening fast enough for 4 year old patience. Good thing it wasn't more crowded! Cinderella was waiting to meet kids before we went up to the dining room. After a little waiting inside, she finally got to meet Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Belle and Mary Poppins (what the heck, she's not a princess, but whatever!)

An interesting tray of appetizers (at least I could identify all the stuff), then lunch. It wasn't spectacularly delicious. But, presentation is everything, right? Beth's lunch came on a Mickey shaped plate. What fun! During lunch, there was a "wishing ceremony". Beth was too busy waving her wand to actually make a wish. Oh well.
Now, dessert, was both a great presentation and delicious, at least for Beth and I. Kevin picked some bread pudding kinda thing, and he didn't like it. Chocolate, always go for chocolate!

A couple rides before BBB and lunch, but most of them came after. We rode everything she was tall enough for that didn't seem too scary. Peter Pan was our longest wait at about 30 minutes. That felt like torture after not having to wait much. Beth enjoyed seeing that so many rides were just retelling of the movies/stories she's seen. I can't begin to tell you how many times we answered her "Is it real?" question. The best answer was "it's Disney magic".

Poor Kevin had to ride in his own car on the "racetrack" but it was so pathetic it wasn't even worth the time spent in line (3o minutes). Buzz Lightyear was our favorite last time, but let me tell you, with a 4 year old driving/spinning it around, it's not so fun.
We rode the carousel, Dumbo, Pooh... Lots of times, Beth was given this red card to give to the cast member at the start of the ride. It let them know how long the wait was. She was a pro! Kevin and Beth also spent lots of time playing the hand slap game.

We got in It's a Small World, and Beth was signing along. Peter Pan too (a 30 minute wait). Hard to believe these rides have been around so long with only a couple changes.
Beth's least favorite ride of the day was Barnstormer in Toontown. I can't say I blame her. It was a doozy of a "kiddie" roller coaster. Her favorite ride, she claims, was Haunted Mansion. It was also where we got the most "Is it real?". She didn't miss a thing, especially when, at the end of the ride, the narrator said "a ghost will follow you home".

Since Beth wasn't crazy about the fireworks from last night, we skipped out on them this time. However, I told her we would be watching them the next day we came to MK (little did I know....) Can you believe with all we did this day, we didn't hardly scratch the surface, so we planned another day to get what we missed.

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yaya said...

i just can't wait to actually hear your stories. I loved reading about your adventures, but need to hear some too.
It is siesta time in Mexico.
Buenas mom
loved all the pictures is Disney magic.

Fred said...

Is it real? :}

Casey said...

We need day 4!!!!!!

jamielblev said...

Shelby's favorite ride last time was the barnstormer ride, but then again, she was 3. I can't wait for May to go on all these rides!!! We will be doing the BBB too and breakfast at the castle, hopefully. Lonnie doesn't want to "waste the money" since Shelby was a whiney mess last time. But she was 3. This time she'll be 5 1/2.