Monday, September 21, 2009

Beach Fun (part 2)

So, the first post of the beach weekend was from Mom's camera. My mom is a great photographer! These are from mine. Different perspective, different moments.

First night out to the beach. Jacob is just amazed by the water and sand. It didn't take long before he got wet.

A rare picture of my parents together, since my mom is usually behind the camera.

It still amazes me that a year after Hurricane Ike, this is what it looks like. Not only on the beach but on the mainland as well. Houses next to each other at different phases of construction- totally rebuilt, partially rebuilt, looks like the owners haven't even been back. Kevin and I took a walk down the beach, and this was the case everywhere. Amazing.

Jacob loves his new Thomas train set, especially the battery-powered Thomas! Thomas has since had his 3rd battery installed, he's played with so often!

Popi read Beth Jacob's new book about kisses, then he lucked out on some kisses.
On Saturday night, the ice cream truck came by. Of course we had to get ice cream! This was Jacob's first experience. Beth doesn't remember hers- she was about 2 the last time she had ice cream truck ice cream. Jacob didn't like the one I picked for him. Beth didn't like hers either.
So, Yaya let Beth have hers, Jacob like Beth's, for a moment.
Beth was full. Jacob then got Yaya's ice cream. That turned out to be his favorite. All I can say is thank goodness for the outside area and water hose!
Monday morning, it was tough to pack up to head home. The beach was so much fun! In packing up all the groceries, we couldn't pack the ice cream. Darn! It had to get eaten, before lunch. Popi and the kids didn't mind that at all!
Great memories were made at the beach! Jacob keeps telling me about "Friday, Popi and Yaya" and he loves the "surfboard" in the bathtub (a small foam-board that goes to some bath blocks). Beth wants to live with Popi and Yaya forever so they can go to the beach every day.


Fred said...

Beach every day is my goal, too! What a fun weekend.

yaya said...

Those kids LOVE icecream. What fun, sweet memories. Thanks for inviting us to share.

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Dad told me last night that he doesn't have long left until he can "move to the beach so Beth can live with them all the time." I think they might have had more fun than the kids.

Glad Jacob still loves the water!