Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday at the beach (part 3)

Woohoo! Jacob's party was at the beach house, with immediate family and a few family friends. It was just right! Since his current love is Thomas the Train, that's what we went with for the theme.

He loved seeing his Thomas cake and showed everyone who'd listen to him "Thomas cake".

He did not like everyone singing Happy Birthday to him. However, he thought his cake was wonderful, until it got on his hands. What a hoot!
We loved having everyone there to celebrate! My parents, Kevin's parents, Kevin's sister and her family, Kevin's two best buds from childhood and their families.

Jacob sat with Grandpa just long enough for a picture, then he was off and running again!
Beth and cousin Gracie couldn't sit close enough. They sure love each other!
Present time! Of course, I think tissue paper would have been exciting on its own, even if there weren't present underneath.
So many fun new toys! A tricycle, a sand table, a HUGE Thomas tent, more Thomas toys, handsome clothes and shoes (really, he loves getting new clothes) and much more!
After an early, early morning, the fun party, skipping nap to play at the beach, that was one worn out little boy. Moments after Yaya gave him a paci and sat down, he was asleep. What a great birthday party!


Fred said...

Those little water bugs played hard.

yaya said...

I am sure he would have passed out without his paci.

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Of course it was Thomas! :) How fun!

J.J. said...

I love all the Thomas stuff. My dudes went crazy looking at J's loot!!!!! They still love Thomas :)