Saturday, September 19, 2009


Since Jacob turned 2, it was time to get rid of the pacis. His ped has been telling me since about 15 months to start getting rid of them. We'd dropped down to just naps and nighttime, but now it was time. Kevin and I knew it was coming, but Jacob didn't. Now, this boy loves his pacis, let me tell you. When he sleeps, he has one in his mouth, one in each hand and at least one more in his bed (we'd cut it back from about 8 a couple months ago). We knew this wouldn't be an easy task. I snipped the ends of a couple of them, and he immediately didn't want those. I can't blame him for that. Thing is, he knew where the good ones were.

This week has been horribly rainy. We decided Thursday night to get out of the house and head to the mall. Just like we'd done with Beth when she was 2, we were going to BuildABear for Jacob to make a paci puppy. This was his first trip to BAB, and he wasn't quite sure about it all, but he went along with it. He picked his puppy and waited his turn for stuffing.

Finally, his turn for the puppy stuffing. He didn't like the sound of the machine at all and stayed at least 3 feet from it. He did WAY better than I thought he would putting his pacis inside the puppy to keep them safe. There's one paci in each limb and a few in the belly. You can squeeze and feel them inside.

Puppy was all stiched up and ready for a bath and brush then some clothes. Beth hasn't been in this store in almost 3 years, so she thought her own Paci Puppy needed every outfit there. She did get to pick one outfit, pink of course.
Puppy (Jacob's name for it) was dressed and ready to go. In the car on the way home, he squeezed the pacis. We talked about Puppy keeping his pacis safe since he was a big boy and didn't need them. Jacob couldn't understand why I wouldn't get his pacis out. They were "stuck". He was getting tired and wasn't liking this at all. Oh, it's looking like a long night ahead!
Kevin put Jacob to bed, with his puppy. It wasn't working. I'd kept one "just in case we regret this" paci out. Once he had that, he fell asleeep. Okay, so the idea was good but the reality wasn't. It worked for Beth. I think because she was a little older and had already stopped taking a paci for naps (she'd been at daycare). We'll get there with Jacob. Soon. I'm not wanting to tell the ped next week that he still has a paci. Maybe it can get lost. Hmm, I think that may be what we have to do.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post! We are trying to limit our sons paci use, and it doesn't always work in our favor. I love the idea, I hope in the end your son comes around to the idea.

Angie said...

It was so perfect for Beth. Guess every kid is different. Like we didn't know that, but still, I try Ben stuff on Maddie and Maddie stuff on our Jacob. He is such a cute guy. Love the pics.

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Okay look, I'm reading! I must have missed all this the first time...

I remember Beth's paci puppy. It did work really well for her. I like how Jacob looks like he's ripping it open in the last one. All boy :)