Monday, September 21, 2009

Singing her heart out

The girl loves to sing, but this was extra special. She's being going to children's choir, led by her kindergarten teacher no less, at chuch while I've gone to adult choir. They've been working on some songs about people in the Bible, and she's been practicing at home. Even Jacob has sorda learned a couple. Finally, last Sunday night, they got to perform on stage. Please ignore the red-eyes- I'm too behind in blogging to take the time to fix them.

"Jonah, Jonah, did not obey God immediately. Jonah, Jonah, down in the depths of the deep blue sea."

"You better lean-a, lean-a, lean-a, lean-a, lean-a to the right, don't lean-a, lean-a, lean-a to the wrong, stay away from sin or you might fall in"

They did a great job! We were so proud of her, and she was pretty proud of herself. Now, they're starting to work on some Thanksgiving songs. I'm glad she's enjoying it so much!


Fred said...

"lean-a to the right..." Glad you're teaching the conservative values early! :}

Grandma Charlotte said...

We're so glad that Beth is enjoying her school and the fellowship connected to it. So blessed to have four delightful grandchildren who are so well-rounded and enjoy such a variety of interests and activities.

yaya said...

What a sweet way to teach children God's way.

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

I didn't know both of you were doing choir. How fun! I bet she practices at home. :)

Love Dad's comment too!