Sunday, December 6, 2009


Hey, look what I found, lost in the posts list! Sorry it's late, but it's still cute!

This year, our church hosted a Trunk-or-Treat. We got the kids dressed up and went out for some fun with our church family. Lots of folks had decorated trunks/pickup beds, some even had games for the kids to play. Beth and Jacob had lots of fun, getting lots of candy and even slowed down long enough to hand out some candy (ok, Beth did, Jacob just ate his). Kevin and I enjoyed fellowshipping with friends.

Sugar the horse even came dressed up. Those fuzzy things didn't stay on long!

Jacob is the cutest Superman!

Beth had 3 possibilities for costumes, and this is what I found- a 50s girl. She already had saddle shoes for school- how perfect! And, like any girl, she was thrilled her skirt twirled!

Taking a break at the truck to hand out/eat candy

As soon as we got home, we checked out all the loot. There was more than enough! We grownups enjoyed the chocolate, Jacob loves dum-dum suckers and candy corn, Beth has discovered Laffy Taffy. They were deleriously tired and hopped up on sugar highs.

What a fun night!

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