Monday, December 14, 2009

Thanksgiving at the lake

This year, we headed to Kevin's aunt and uncle's place in Marquez, Texas for the family Thanksgiving gathering. We've been out there a few times over our 10 years together, and every time I've forgotten how nice it is out there (this pic is the pond, not the lake, but it looks so peaceful, doesn't it?).

We ate- Jacob liked getting a cookie, taking one bite then getting another one, repeat- and ate some more. Hey, we were there a while! :)
We watched Cowboys- men in one room, ladies in the other, kids mostly outside (supervised).
We played outside- a boat ride for some, a visit to the pond to feed catfish and see the cows, fun with LOTS of acorns and sticks and rocks, and just running around.

The kiddos both crashed hard on the way home. Spending time with family, is my favorite part of any holiday. What a treasure to enjoy each other! We had 3 generations of folks there- 15 adults and 4 precious kiddos. I think one day soon, we'll take Aunt M and Uncle C up on their offer to bring the kids out to the lake for a visit.

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