Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There's an Elf on the Shelf!

While I was decorating for Christmas, this book and little elf just showed up. I don't know where they came from (wink, wink), but it sure was exciting!

We read a great story about the elf who watches over the kids all day. At night, he flies back to Santa with a report of behavior. The next morning, he's landed in a new spot. We can't touch him though, or he'll lose his magic and won't be able to fly back to Santa. On Christmas Eve is his last report, and then we won't see him again until next year. At the end of the story, the kids got to name our elf. They chose "Tinsel", like the elf we'd seen in the play.

So, there Tinsel sat his first day. Beth was quite concerned with this. She was so quiet (a VERY rare occasion)! Then, out of nowhere, she offered to go clean up her room. YES! This is good stuff! She had a great first day. Jacob, however, was having a hard day. Every time he'd start to throw a fit, Beth would kindly remind him about Tinsel's watchful eye.

The next morning, Beth's first task was to find where Tinsel had landed. It took her a little while. While she was eating breakfast, there he was, above the table. She couldn't take her eyes off of Tinsel. I think she was a bit bothered that he was so close, watching her. Jacob just laughed about where Tinsel was. Great.

Since then, Beth starts every morning looking for Tinsel. He's been on the Christmas tree, in each person's stocking, in the blinds, on the mantle, in my Christmas village. Beth's biggest concern is when Tinsel has landed somewhere he could possibly be touched- the candy bowl, my to-do file system (don't make fun of me for that!). We get BIG warnings to stay out of those things. The other day, Jacob climbed on his chair to get a better look of Tinsel, and she just about lost it screaming at me to get Jacob. I can't help but be tickled. Jacob, well, he still just laughs and points when he finds Tinsel. I'm really hoping next year, it'll work on him.
One morning, Tinsel arrived with a note from Santa and Mrs. Claus, telling us how glad they were that Tinsel had come to our town to live in our house. The specific details in the letter blew Beth away. Good stuff! We've also visited the Elfontheshelf.com to play games and find fun things to do.
I just love the magic and wonder of Christmas through a child's mind! I look forward to Tinsel joining us for many Christmas seasons!
Update: I completely forgot about this picture that Beth drew about the day Tinsel showed up on the Christmas tree. Notice all the detail about the room and the surprised look on their faces. Sorry I can't get it to turn sideways.


jamielblev said...

It's not working on Tucker either. He could care less. But it's a HUGE motivator with Shelby!

Fred said...

Beth's art work is getting better and better. Thanks for sharing the Tinsel stories.

yaya said...

Oh what fun. What memories.
Beth's art work has made leaps and bounds in just a short time. WOW.
Thanks so much for sharing. I love being a part.

yaya said...
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J.J. said...

That soed look like fun!!! I so love the loo on Beth's face!!! Great shot!!!!