Monday, March 1, 2010

All about J

Not long ago, we learned about the letter J.
"Capital J, little j, J says 'juh, juh, juh'" and
"J is for jaguar, jar, juice, jellyfish, jacks, juggle and Jacob!"
We love this little project, talking about the letter and what starts with the letter. All week, it stays as his placemat, so we can talk about things while I fix his food.
Also for our J week, we had snacks of jellybeans and jello. The kids weren't really crazy about either one.

We made a jellyfish. Or, I did. He helped for about 2 minutes.

We did jumping jacks,
talked about Jonah and the whale,
sang John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, and
learned a poem about counting colored jellybeans.
We're having fun learning letters! I think he's most proud about "J is for Jacob"


Fred said...

Cool! Sounds like a lot of fun.

jamielblev said...

Sounds like the teacher in you coming out!!! How fun!

yaya said...

Oh such fun teaching little sponges