Tuesday, November 9, 2010


There's this thing going around on facebook where you have to think of 30 random things about yourself. I got tagged to do this by two friends. So, why not kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, and make a blog post out of it!

  1. I am a list maker. I make to-do lists, wish lists, project lists, book lists, packing lists. You name it, the way to get it done is a list.
  2. I rarely get all the things on my list finished on the day I intended.
  3. That said, I'm a procrastinator. Always have been and don't really try to change it. I guess I work best under pressure.
  4. I love to read books. Real, for the fun of reading, books. I can't remember the last time I did that.
  5. I'm a book buyer, not a library checker-outer. I keep books in the thoughts that I'll read it again, though I rarely do. I share books I really enjoyed but want them back to keep.
  6. I love to scrapbook. I used to be a scrapbook company consultant. I should probably be scrapbooking instead of doing this.
  7. I'm about 4 years behind on my scrapbooks. I haven't done Jacob's baby book yet. Beth has about 5 books already. That poor second kid.
  8. I think I'm a great friend. Even more so when that friendship is returned to me.
  9. I use sarcasm in situations where I feel out of place or uncomfortable. It's been know to cause problems and hurt where none were intended. I'm sorry if you've been a victim of this.
  10. When I say "I'm sorry", I really mean it.
  11. I have voted in every election since I turned 18. It hasn't always been for the same party. Hmmm! :)
  12. I talk to strangers, especially old people.
  13. I love to ask people who have been married a long time what their secret to a long marriage is. The most common answers: forgiveness, don't go to bed angry, sense of humor, keep her happy.
  14. I like dusting. The smell of good 'ol lemon Pledge can't be beat.
  15. I hate cleaning bathrooms. I procrastinate it until last and the very last minute.
  16. I love to organize. I will organize closets and cabinets in an effort to procrastinate other things. I love tub and baskets for organizing. 99% of the time, I can tell you exactly where something is- even tell you what to look next to or under- even if I haven't touched it in months.
  17. If there is clutter and disorder, I am more easily stressed out. When order is restored, so am I.
  18. I love symmetry and order. My closet is sorted by color, only on white hangars.
  19. I am a math nerd. Yup, I said it. I enjoy algebra and would do it for fun. When I took my teaching exam, I was just about to fall asleep, then I got to the math section and perked right up.
  20. Spreadsheets are fun! If I have something to research or information to organize, I usually put it in a spreadsheet. Ah, organization!
  21. I don't miss teaching. Middle school math. Well, the math part was fun, but the kids, the parents, the tedious paperwork, no thanks.
  22. I've considered homeschooling, but I'm afraid I'd fail at it.
  23. I have fallen in love with exercise. I'm going to the gym about 5 hours a week and wish I could fit in more. I love feeling the pain after a good workout. I even love the sweat, proving how hard I'm working.
  24. I don't have an iphone or blackberry. Heck, I don't even have a full keyboard phone for texting. Granted, I don't have the phone attached to the bag either. :)
  25. I have amazing children. Every day, I am thrilled to be their mom, in spite of the rough moments. I'm thankful they are teachable and hope they always will be.
  26. I question myself daily if I'm the best mom my kids deserve. Did I play with them enough? Did I teach them the right things? Have I given them too much? Will they need therapy one day because of me?
  27. I appreciate my parents more every day. Something I could only see now, as a parent. I'm thankful for their example in the way they lived their life being the same as what they taught me. I'm thankful for their sacrifices over the years to give me things, even when it turned out to be a waste of money. I'm thankful they taught me the value of working hard for something instead of being handed everything. I'm thankful they taught me how to be a good citizen and value where I live.
  28. I have been blessed with a great husband, the perfect match for me. We're a great team together. He makes me laugh, his kisses make me melt, he challenges me to think about things deeper, he's an incredible daddy, he's a hard worker....
  29. I am a Christian. I am saved and will go to heaven when I die.
  30. I'm not perfect, by any means. I am a follower of Christ, trying to be an imitator of Him. I desire that my actions and words reflect God- His kindness, His love, His grace, His justice, His Word. I fail every day, and He forgives me every day.


Fred said...

Great list, Laura.

yaya said...

It was good to read random things about you. It opens my eyes more to what is important to you and for you. Amazing love is what I see. I love you.

jamielblev said...

I love your list!!!