Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We *heart* That big red bullseye store

Ok, so I realize my posting has been rare. This time of year gets so busy, doesn't it? I love being at home to attend and help with things at Beth's school. I love getting that extra time with Jacob.

I've turned Jacob into a T-aholic. As soon as we leave the gym, he asks if we can go to T. He'd like to get a "popcorn combo with an icee". If you've never done this, it's the best under $2 you could ask for while meandering around the wonderful aisles at T. The popcorn is tasty! Until last month, we just got a drink, then *gasp* the soda machine wasn't working. So, I got an icee, and Jacob fell in love. It doesn't matter if it's 8am, and we're running to T before the gym, he still thinks he needs a "popcorn combo with an icee". Oh, and he orders it himself, but lets me pay. But don't worry, I make sure our trips are educational as well as entertaining. We talk about the colors and shapes we see, we count things too. We LOVE looking at the holiday displays. We also have to go to the toy section and push every possible button there is. It sure makes T fun!

Our T also has a Star-coffee place right next to the snack bar. I ordered a pumpkin spice steamer (warm, flavored milk- I don't like coffee) one day last week. Beth just asked and asked about it. I let her taste it once it cooled down. Now, she's been asking me if we can go get "warm milk" at T. Sweet girl that she is asked if I could make it for her at home. Sure, but it wouldn't taste very good since I don't have all those yummy flavors to add. Couple those things with my already crazy love for T. Yup, we're in trouble :)
What's a post without pictures of my silly kids? Enjoy! (I know I do)

Now, I'm off to eat more bon-bons (which really means do chores)!

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