Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Round Up

Every year, our church hosts Round Up weekend. It's packed full of old-west style activities. Saturday, there was a mini-rodeo. Our church has a bus ministry that bring in kids (and any parents wanting to come) from the surrounding towns to church on Sundays.
The K4/K5 teacher, Ms. Bettye, is a remarkable woman with such a love and desire for the Lord that I've only seen in a couple other women in my love. Her life story, her road to Jesus, is incredible. In fact, she is a product of the bus ministry. What a blessing that we can be a part of a church that desires to bring all kids to know Jesus!
This rodeo event was the big thing for the kiddos during Round Up. The stands were packed with bus kids who were excited to see the cowboys and bulls. Bro. Jimmy (the bus ministry guy) preached a sermon complete with altar call. I'm not sure how many, but I do know some kids asked Jesus to be their Savior that day!
The kids loved watching the events. The bull riding was a big favorite. I explained what I could about the rules and the goals of each event, so they'd understand a little more. Beth found it more interesting and exciting that she thought it would be. Bull riding, barrel racing, team roping, a calf scramble for the kids and goat dressing for the Sunday School teachers. What fun!
After the rodeo and the bus kids were back on buses, Beth and I walked around a little bit. One of our church members let her ride his horse. She had her nervous smile at first but really enjoyed it after a few minutes.
That was Saturday morning. Sunday was cowboy breakfast- pancakes and sausage cooked over an open fire. YUMMY! There were a few horses to see, a couple miniature horses and even a baby miniature. Jacob had his turn to ride a horse, but he wasn't sure about it at all. He preferred to pet the baby pony.

Church with a mini concert by Brian Free and Assurance and a great sermon by our Preacher. Then, onto fajita lunch with all the fixins and any dessert you could want. Needless to say, we were ready for some good Sunday afternoon naps after all that! What an incredible weekend to fellowship with church family.


yaya said...

Marvelous memories are being made as well as forever family bonds. The kids will treasure these times. What a busy fun filled weekend of fun events.
The kids have grown so much since we saw them in September. We miss you.

jamielblev said...

Man what an awesome church!

Angie said...

Okay, so I'm catching up here. No blog reading since we started prepping to move in September, but I totally agree about fellowshipping with your church family. Finding the place you feel good and can grow in god with friends makes life and the journey God put us on worth all the trouble. So glad for all your thoughts on Christ in your blog. Thanks.