Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a big moment

We decided to start Beth with a "responsibility chart" for doing chores around the house. She has a few things she'll do every day and some just once in a while. She earns a smile every time she does one. Then, at the end of the week, she earns allowance based on how many smiles she has. The first week she got allowance, she desperately wanted Fancy Nancy's Posh Puppy, especially since we were buying one for our niece's birthday. We told her she didn't have enough money. She was sad, but moved on. She managed to buy a bag of M&Ms that day, with plenty of change to start saving. She worked hard for a month until she had enough to buy her puppy. Oh, that was a big day. We went to Target before we went to a friend's birthday party.

Here's how it went:

Where's that puppy? Is that really what I want?

This is it, the one I want

Paying all by myself

So proud of my receipt too!


Casey said...

SOOOOO cute! I love that little girl.
PS- Did you make her use her money to buy you that Diet Coke too?

Laura Hale said...

HAHA! No, I put my stuff on after hers!

yaya said...

love the pictures. i can feel the excitement in her little heart. i think aunt casey needs to buy her wonderful sweet niece a really posh purse. love yaya