Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter fun at Grandma and Grandpa's

We headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house for some family Easter fun. They took us to dinner at THE restaurant in town (I swear it's the only one in town, but they assure me there are others) for some yummy Mexican food. Mexican food is the one type I can be assured that every member of my family will leave with a full belly (nothing like having picky kids). Then, back to the house to enjoy some outdoor fun.
Grandma and Grandpa both took turns swinging with Jacob. Ignore Kevin in the background- he was pretending Beth was kicking him in the head. She thought it was hilarious, of course.
Jacob loved checking on Pump, as long as he stayed on the opposite side of the fence. Beth checked out every swing (there are 4) to find her favorite.

The next morning was just torture for Beth. She couldn't stand it until her cousins came over. Well, Gracie, really. Beth and Gracie are 9 months apart (Gracie is older) and the best of buds. Every time they are together, they pick up where they left off the last time.
Waiting and waiting and waiting. Snacks helped.

Finally, they got there, and it was time for the Easter egg hunt!
There were 136 eggs hidden for those 4 kids. I think we only missed finding 2. It went so fast, they hunted like crazy. Emily wanted yellow ones. Beth and Gracie were side by side the whole time. Jacob was more interested in visiting the dogs, but the girls helped fill his basket.
Emily enjoying her candy
Lunch time! Grandpa grilled some yummy burgers and hot dogs. Grandma had the spread of anything you could want on your hotdog and a fine selection of chips. Yummy!
Inside, we celebrated Grandma's birthday.
Jacob was delerious and in need of a nap.
Emily was pouty but oh-so-cute with her big bottom lip
Gracie and Beth played as much as they could until Gracie had to leave.
All in all, it was a good day. Followed by a long car ride home.


Erica said...

Oh my goodness...that's a ton of eggs for 4 kids! Looks like lots of fun.

J.J. said...

I love their basket liners! Catching K getting pretend kicked in the funny!

Looks like fun.

Grandma Charlotte said...

It was a great day! It's just so hard to believe that Beth and Gracie and getting to be "big" girls. Jacob and Emily are such fun - each in their own little world.

Casey said...

Never a shortage of food at Charlotte's! I still think about that snack drawer :)

Jamie said...

The easter egg hunt sounded so fun...can't wait to do that with Josiah! And how awesome that Beth has a cousin she is so close with! Your kiddos are adorable.