Thursday, April 23, 2009


Since we knew we'd be traveling Saturday before Easter, we took advantage of Kevin working from home to color eggs. I'd bought a great kit last year with rollers and paint for the eggs. No dropping eggs into cups of colored water. How perfect for Jacob! Of course, my little craft girl loved it too. Kevin and I got to paint some eggs too. We all had fun.

We put them in the fridge for safe keeping until Saturday night. We got things ready for the Easter Bunny. At our house, the bunny hides the eggs in the living room and leaves treats in the basket since he was so tricky hiding eggs. After we see the treats, the baskets are empty for finding all the eggs. I recall one year as a child, the Easter bunny left white footprints around the living room to help my little sister find eggs. I think that's the only Easter I can specifically recall.

Sure enough, the bunny left some great treats. Beth had been talking about a chocolate bunny, so there was one in her basket. Jacob got a giant bag of his favorite M&Ms. They both got a toy, a movie and books.

Then it was time for a mad scramble to get everyone fed, dressed and out the door for church. Service was great. I love that all the stress of the morning, cranky kids, all that ick just falls away as I settle into the pew to revel in how awesome my Savior is and hear truth preached from the pulpit. He is Risen!


Casey said...

What a fun Easter!

I don't remember the footprints, but I do remember getting a Sesame Street exercise cassette tape and book in my basket one year. I had seen it at Garden Ridge. How that Easter Bunny knew I wanted it, I have no idea!

Fred said...

He is risen indeed!

I didn't remember the footprints either. Great pictures of the kiddos, especially all dressed up for church.