Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's good to be 5

For Beth's birthday, she ended up with a whole weekend of celebrating. What a lucky girl!

Friday, Popi and Yaya came into town. We went to a great little greasy hamburger joint (hole in the wall, only potty is a porta-john) for dinner, as is our birthday tradition. As is also tradition, the birthday girl got a fabulous brownie and ice cream dessert, complete with a birthday song serenade. It was enjoyed by all, some more than others.

Then, back home, she finally got to open the presents she'd been eyeing all day, plus a big treasure from Popi and Yaya. She's such a girl! She was super excited about the 3 new pairs of shoes and nightgown she got. The other stuff was good, too. We ended the evening teaching Popi and Yaya how to play Wii. Beth was so proud of her new pink steering wheel for Mario Kart.
Saturday morning- traditional jommie donut run with Popi. Then, it was time to get ready for the fabulous birthday party. That gets it own post. After a fabulous nap for the kids, Popi and Yaya got to spend some fun time while Kevin and I got a MUCH needed date night.

Sunday- quick scramble, as usual, to get everyone dressed and out the door for church at 9am. The kids had a little time to read comics with Popi, though. Good stuff!

Monday, Beth's acutal birthday day. She was so proud to wake up and be 5 years old. We had one more surprise present for her- a baby doll she'd seen on tv that drinks and goes potty in a diaper. I can't believe I actually agreed to it, but she was super excited. She's since bought more diapers with birthday money (I think we'll be buying some premie diapers next time, much cheaper per diaper). Playgroup came over. We all sang "Happy Birthday" over M&M cookies. Then, dance in the evening. Beth and one of her dance friends share the same birthday, so we had a little celebration at class. Followed by Beth's dinner choice of Subway- hooray for healthy after a weekend of HORRIBLE, unhealthy choices.

What a weekend, but it was so much fun. I love celebrating that precious little girl and another year we've had to enjoy her. What a blessing!


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And an outfit picture for her favorite aunt?

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