Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Awanas award

Our church has the Awana program for kids. Since Beth was 4 when we joined, she started going to the Cubbies class. She loved her teachers- Mrs. Kelly, Ms. Whitney and Ms. Mandy. Every week, we worked in her lesson book about a Bible story or Bible truth, and she memorized a Bible verse. Now, since our church teaches from the KJV, some of the verses were tough to read or understand the words, but we'd talk about it. In the short time (since March) she was part of the program, she learned 13 verses! I am so proud that she's hiding God's Word in her heart! She was so proud to earn patches for her vest through attendance and completing the lessons. Early May marked the end of Awanas for the year, and the church held a ceremony. Beth earned a certificate, a new patch for her vest and a cubbie bear for her vest. She was so proud up there with her class! Wow, she's tall!

I got her new stuff on pretty quick, and she let me take a picture.

Next year, she'll be in the Sparks class, and she can't wait!


J.J. said...

I love AWANA and I love how cute the cubbies are. I stayed around and waited to watch them all sing their "Cubbies" song several times last year because I think they are so cute. Is Beth going to be a Spark next year? I think I am going to volunteer with Sparks with the older 2 even though I will still have a cubbie, and a cubbie in waiting. :)

So proud of Beth, I bet she did a great job!

Casey said...

That's the cutest cubbie I've ever seen!

yaya said...

Wow she's smart. Wow she is beautiful. Wow,,she has God's word in her heart. 13 verses since March. I have a hard time memorizing one verse a month.
Wow we are so proud of her

Grandma Charlotte said...

Beth is such a hard little worker and seems to put her whole heart into everything she does. Grandpa and I are so proud of her.