Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Mother's Day weekend. I'm so glad I got to enjoy it. I was just coming out of my "near death" week of illness. I was enjoying the 6+ pounds of rapid weight loss (that has since come back, of course).
I got to start celebrating on Friday. We all went to dinner at Jason's Deli- yummm. Then, we went to the Christian book store where I got to pick out my new Bible and cover. Bonus- the store location was closing, so everything was on clearance! I got a KJV study Bible. I'm really enjoying all the notes and study materials in the margins. Sadly, with KJV, you can either get a thinline plain Bible or a large print study Bible. Yup, at almost 32, I got the large print. Haha!
Saturday morning, just Beth and I went to the Mother/Daughter brunch at church. It was fun to get dressed nice and go somewhere just the two of us. Beth loved the breakfast but was bored with the skits. However, she was super excited that her ticket was drawn for a prize. According to her (and I don't blame her, at 5), the prize was boring- a reed difuser. I'm enjoying it though. My request for dinner was steaks and potatoes grilled by Kevin. Let me tell you, after a week of plain or hardly eating, this was fabulous! Ok, so it usually is anyway, but you get the idea. Then, he cleaned the kitchen too. Woohoo!
Sunday morning, Kevin got up with the kids. What a treat! Then, they all came downstairs, each holding a card for me. Precious! The kids gave me a pedicure gift certificate. I can't wait to use it!!!! A quick breakfast and ready for church. Home for naps, up for dinner and ready for church again. But, I made sure to stop long enough for a picture with my kiddos, the reason I get to be celebrated on Mother's Day.
At church, Preacher talked about a good mother, using the example of Timothy's mother and grandmother. It's a mother's job to teach her children about God and His love and to saturate them with scriptures. I made sure to call my mom to tell her how grateful I am that she was a great mother, who took the time to teach me about God. I'm so glad that my mom was an example of God's love. Even when it drove me nutty, my mom saturated me with scripture, reminding me of the choices before me and how God teaches us to handle them. I'm so grateful for a mom who disciplined me in love, who guarded my mind and heart against things of the world- even though I thought she must be the meanest, strictest mom in the world. I can only hope and pray to be as good a mom to my kids. Then, something that meant more than anything, my mom told me I am a good mom, that I am attentive to my children's needs, both physical and emotional. Thank you, Mom, you'll never know what that meant to hear it from you. You'll get your Mother's Day gifts when you come up here!
I also checked in on Nanny, my 89 year old grandmother. She was in the hospital with heart problems (she's home now). When she was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year, she'd hoped to make it to the end of the year. Now, she says her plan is to make it to her 90th birthday. I can't help but think her heart will give out before the cancer gets her. I told her she at least has to wait until the kids and I come for a visit in June. I really enjoy my chats with her. She is an amazing lady. She was a great mom to her 5 kids. She's a fabulous grandma for her 9 grandkids, 8 great grandkids and 2 great-great grandkids. The highlight of her mother's day was having her 4 available children visit her at the same time at the hospital (which, let me just say, is miraculous- hahaha).
Here's to all the great mothers!


J.J. said...

Laura - you look great!!!! Glad to hear the your Mother's Day was awesome. That steak sounds yummy. Your Mom, I am sure, is so proud of the Mommy you have become. Your family is chocked full of some great women. :)

yaya said...

i am so glad you are doing better.
thank you for the kind thoughts and words I so doubted my mother skills so many times, doubted myself many times, wanted to undo things done, was too hard on myself and the ones i love. I learned God's grace and love the hard way many times. It is a joy to see you as a grown daughter and a mommy. You have so much to look forward to. i love you.

Casey said...

Sounds like a great Mother's Day!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Your kiddos are adorable!

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Beautiful pictures with the kids Laura! I am still laughing at your post on washing poop/barf laundry without actually barfing yourself! You are too funny!!!

Have a great week lady.