Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beth's dance recital 2009

Saturday was Beth's dance recital. My parent came in for the weekend. Kevin's folks made a 3 hour drive, stayed for 45 minutes, drove 3 hours back to watch Gracie (another of their granddaughters) in her recital. That's love!

Dress rehersal Friday night then recital on Saturday. This is a huge studio! They have 2 studios and a total of 4 recitals (2 kid, 2 adult). Thankfully, both Beth's dances were before intermission and then we could get on with our day! I was a "stage mom", allowed backstage to help keep up/carry props and keep the girls together and quiet waiting their turn. Note to other stage moms- don't wear cute little heels, they're not quiet onstage. Haha! Being backstage also allowed me to take pictures of the girls dancing.

Tap- Home on the Range/Deep in the Heart of Texas with "range animal" large stuffed animal prop
I can't believe these costumes have made it another year! A friend and I made them a year ago, for their San Antonio trip with the the old dance studio. Of the girls who came to Frances Lea, they still had the overalls. Then, the other girls in the class were able to borrow or make enough.

Ballet- Me and My Teddy with matching teddy bear plus a chair and bag for props. This is where my stage mom moment really came in handy- that's a lot to carry quickly for those girls.

This may be Beth's last recital. While at Disney, she declared her love of dancing and the dream of dancing one day at Disney. Then, after her birthday party at Tumble Club, she declared she wanted to try gymnastics instead. So, we're taking a break for the summer, then will look at starting her in gymnastics. Regardless of what she ends up doing, we're so proud of our little dancer.


jenr said...

Laura-Beth looks beyond adorable!!!! Exspecially love the ballet costume! I know how proud I am of T when she is upthere on is definately a moment you want frozen in time :)

J.J. said...

OK...that me and my teddy outfit is toooo cute!!! I love her recital pics. Thanks for sharing them...really.

She has good grandparents, too :)(Her parents aren't too shabby either)

Casey said...

I'm so proud! However, I will have to discuss this gymnastics business with her further in a few weeks. Doesn't she know I have been preparing for her to be a dancer since before she was born?

Poefam said...

How sweet! I loved dance recitals! ... Another reason why I MUST Have a girl! :)