Monday, May 11, 2009

Reward, sweet reward

I was SOOOOOOOO sick last week. A week ago, it was Jacob, but he recovered quickly. I guess it took a while for me to catch the germs. Anyway, it hit Sunday, and I was down for the count, in my room-cave, for the week. Thursday, I rejoined the family. I'd missed them! Kevin did a great job keeping the kids alive, fed and clothed (though not always matching or even out of jommies), all while still doing his regular job from home. I'm so grateful! Turns out, he had quite a helper. Beth had been so good about helping with Jacob and taking care of things. So, Kevin rewarded Beth with a trip Walmart's toy section and some spending money. One of her treasures she selected is the Wacky Wildflower. After a torturous wait until AFTER dinner, Kevin set it up, and it was time to play. They had a blast!

Not sure what stickin her hiney in first would do. Then she holds her breath. Oh my!
Jacob took a bit longer to warm up to the idea of playing in the "rain"

One sprinkle of water, and off he went!

Brave now, until the water hits his face (click to enlarge the 2nd pic- it's so worth it!)
I think we'll be playing with this again soon!
Then they played on the trampoline long enough to get the grass off and not be drippy-wet


Fred said...

That looks like it was fun! May have to try that when we come up.

yaya said...

sister was a big help. so like Beth. Great prize for helping. Kevin did a great job too. Glad you are better. Great pictures. I can tell you are enjoying your zoom lens. We will be playing the the rain soon.

Laura said...

This would be better than the pool when y'all are up!

yaya said...

i keep looking at the pics. jacob has just stretched up, so "grown" with his cute little hair cut...his fully dinner belly...and Beth, just little miss too cute. both having so much fun. i can hear the giggles. see you soon

J.J. said...

such great pics!! That looks like such fun. That is awesome that Beth is such a great helper!

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Precious times, girl...precious! Maybe I can borrow Jacob's mower? You think he'll let me? LOL! I'm sure it works better than mine!!!
Thanks for stopping by today. Your blog always makes me laugh. I love your lists, and your prom pictures too!
Have a great weekend Laura.