Thursday, January 21, 2010

Did I mention we had a white Christmas?!

As if Christmas isn't magical and amazing all by itself, we had a white Christmas! That's right, in Texas, we had snow, on Christmas! I couldn't stop smiling at the wonder of it all!!!!
Christmas Eve day, it was cold and windy. Mid morning, I was on the phone with Popi, staring out the window when I noticed the snowflakes falling. By lunchtime, they were really falling. As we drove to lunch, we noticed it sticking on fenceposts and such. Watching out the windows of the restaurant, we'd see flurries of snowflakes, then nothing, the more snow. We got home, took a few pics in the snow and though that'd be about it.

It kept snowing and snowing and sticking and sticking. It was amazing! The news referred to it as a blizzard. Honestly with the winds gusting up to 50mph, those cold snowflakes hitting our faces weren't fun. It hasn't snowed in the DFW area on Christmas since 1926. I'm so glad Popi and Yaya were here to enjoy it with us! Beth is one lucky kid when it come to snow. Her first Christmas it snowed (near Houston, no less), it snowed on her 3rd birthday (in April), and then this Christmas, plus some odds and ends little bits of snow here and there in between. This was Jacob's first time to see snow, and he wasn't so crazy about it.
Christmas morning, this is what the yard looked like. The "blizzard" had given way to a beautiful white yard, glistening in the sun. Incredible!
The snow did make it a little tough to drive new tractors and 4 wheelers, but they gave it a try.
We had SOOOOOO much fun! Popi helped us build a snowman (experience from TN winter as a kid) that we, of course, had to make look like he actually belonged in Texas.

We had a FUN snowball fight. I stockpiled mine like Calvin (and Hobbs) then rapid fire shot them with horrible aim. We laughed and squealed as the snow ran down our shirts after the perfect shot. Then, Popi fired one at me, but it hit Jacob square in the head. Poor baby! Popi had to say sorry and gave Jacob the chance to get him back, but Jacob wasn't interested in the snow anymore. Jacob was still talking about that today (yes, almost a month later). Yaya stayed safe by taking all the pictures.
We spent the day playing in the snow, coming in to warm up and rest, back out in the snow, etc, etc. It was slowly melting away as the sun shone on it, though it was still pretty stinkin cold.

Even the day after Christmas, there was enough snow along the retaining walls to play with. So, while Yaya and I went shopping, the boys and Beth played at home.

This was the most magical Christmas yet. Beth was completely enamoured with Santa and his magic. Jacob was fascinated by the whole process and fun. Popi and Yaya spent 3 days with us. AND IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


J.J. said...

Those photos are so awesome :) I love looking at them. Looks like such a great time!

yaya said...

A really amazing Christmas full of fun memories. What fun was had!

Fred said...

'Magic' is a good word. 'Blessed' describes it better. Fun stuff!