Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What Christmas looks like at our house

Well, the decorations are already put away, but here it is anyway. I LOVE Christmas! I have 17 tubs of decorations and dishes. Yes, that's right, I have 17 tubs that are at least 18 gallon size. Here's a little of what our house looks like while we enjoy the Christmas season.

Most of the decorations are contained in 4 rooms, but I'm working my way to have every room decorated, even just a little.


yaya said...

I can tell you are really enjoying your camera too. Great shot of the mantel.

Grandma Charlotte said...

Your house looked beautiful. It's amazing how much you can accumulate over the years as you extend decorating throughout your home. I should be cutting back - Oh, I forgot - adding the Cowboy tree for Grandpa next year. Plan B - another storage building!

Angie said...

17 tubs?? Holy Cow! Since moving to Virginia I have had to downsize to the tune of approximately 2 1/2 of your tubs plus a 4 1/2 foot fake tree. I wanna move back to Texas again!