Friday, January 29, 2010

Gymnastics Girl

Beth finished up dance last May. We wanted to wait to see what school would do to our schedules and give Beth time to decide what she wanted to do- dance or gymnastics or something else. Finally, we decided it was time to get started. She chose gymnastics, and I found a great little gym at the edge of our neighborhood.
She goes for an hour, once a week. On her first day, the beam was her favorite.
Every time she tries something, she looks at me through the window and grins from ear to ear. At her second class, the bar was her favorite.
I can't wait to see her face when she really accomplishes a new "trick"!


J.J. said...

How cute is she! I bet she has a ton of fun there.

yaya said...

She has breat concentration. Tell her Yaya enjoyed gymnastics.
I had lots of favorites too.

yaya said...
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