Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Visiting Santa

The kids wrote their letters to Santa, and we decided to take them to him at the mall. They were pretty excited. Beth kept talking about how brave she is now and not scared of him anymore. Waiting in line, before we could see him, Jacob told me "he's prolly at North Pole." Then, there he was, it was our turn, they were in awe. They handed him their letters. Beth had resquested a snake book, an American Girl doll that looks like her, a pink fishing pole and treats in her stocking. Jacob asked for a "puppy that says 'ruff-ruff'", cars, Lightning, Buzz and Woody.
Beth happily sat on Santa's lap. I had to put Jacob up there, but he didn't fuss. For once, he was actually quiet and still. Beth voiced her requests, adding the puppy to the list. Santa told the kids that the North Pole was too cold for puppies to live there, so he doesn't bring puppies. Good stuff! Jacob took some prompting, but he finally told Santa that he wanted a puppy and trucks.
It went really well. I'm hoping for a smile from Jacob next year. Santa gave them both coloring books, and the kids talked about it all day.


yaya said...

Such sweet pictures, and memories and story. Thanks.

jamielblev said...

That's one smart Santa!