Friday, January 15, 2010

Santa was here! (Round 3)

Santa came and left some great goodies- just what they asked for and a surprise or two. Of course Beth was most excited about her American girl doll, that looks just like her. She also got a Lite Brite and a pink fishing pole. Jacob got a bigger baseball tee, Cars Geotrax and a Buzz Lightyear.

Mommy and Daddy also has some fun surprises hidden in another room. We had so much fun picking those out and keeping them hidden until Christmas morning!

After exploring the toys from Santa, we all got to open our stockings. Kevin and Jacob both got "Star Wars" lights.
Jacob was thrilled by his tie from Santa, then dino slippers from Mommy and Daddy. He had to wear it all! As soon as he opened his cars hot wheel storage box, he had to organize all his cars. An organizer after my own heart!
Then, Jacob put his slippers on me, so he could try on Beth's Princess slippers.
As for Kevin and I, we got lots of things that we wanted, too. Yaya loved the big bowl Beth painted at Art Barn and the coffee mug Jacob painted. We had so much fun making them for her! Popi, as usual, gets new flip flops and surf movies. It was a bit cold this morning for flip flops though.
Beth, my sweet reader, loved her box packed full of books. The pink gloves from Santa, that matched her sweater, were awesome!

We had so much fun opening gifts and sharing in the magic of Christmas morning, in front of the fire in the fireplace, Christmas music in the background and snow falling outside (more on that next post). I couldn't stop smiling all day! We ate our traditional Christmas morning breakfast- the same casserole that my mom made every Christmas morning. We played and played with new toys all day, got some rest, played some more. Then, Kevin and I got a date night- Chinese buffet and to the movies to see Blind Side (which I REALLY reccommend). Good stuff!


Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

I loved The Blind Side! It was excellent!

Fred said...

Jacob is so serious with the Star Wars pose.