Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Farm

We went with our Mom's Club friends to Country Critters Farm for the annual Pumpkin Patch. Last year, a front had just blown through, so it was cold and WINDY! I had itty bitty Jacob tied to me and wrapped in my coat. This year, a front was supposed to be blowing through, so we all dressed in pants and long sleeves with jackets. Um, it was hot. However, I drove through the front on the way home and have since been enjoying open windows and fall weather.
Ok, back to the farm thing.

the unsuspecting goats

in the maze

having difficultly choosing one

The kiddos got to bounce on bounce houses (totally normal at a farm, right), pet goats, go for a tractor ride and a "hay ride" (only there was no hay), pick a pumpkin, listen to a story, have a picnic, go through a maze and just have fun.

Moms Club friends

A few things I learned on our trip: Cheap umbrella strollers aren't fun over farm terrain. One year old boys like to hit goats, not pet them. Getting 2 kids to sit still for a nice punkin patch picture is impossible for 1 person alone.


Jeri said...

I gotta say...pumpkins make a cute backdrop for photos! I love J's hair! Cute bow on B. Looks like a great time. :o)

Grandma Charlotte said...

All of the kids are so cute. I love the pics of Beth and Jacob. In the last one, it's hard to tell if Jacob is attempting to put his hands around the pumpkin or Beth's neck!!!! So glad that all of you had such a great day.

Living the LaBlue Life said...

What fun!!! We love Jacob's spikey hair! And tell Beth we really like her Halloween shirt. Too cute!