Monday, October 6, 2008

1 Soap Credit

Jacob has earned 1 eating soap credit to be cashed in when he's older. Kevin left the bar of soap on the side of the tub. Jacob, being a curious little boy, picked it up and tasted it. GROSS! Thing is, I was in the other room when he did this. I didn't know until I walked through and saw the soap on the floor. Worst part- he took many tastes of it. I can only imagine his face as he tasted and tasted again. Sadly, if the soap were left there again, I have a feeling he'd taste it again.

Found- soap at a baby's eye level

Look at all those taste marks (more on the other side)
Washing things down with juice


Pam said...

Do bubbles come out when he hiccups? Poor little guy!!!

Grandma Charlotte said...

Perhaps he was taking the "twinkie" approach, and thought if he could just get to the center it would taste much better!

Casey said...

Man thats awesome. I was wondering how you knew he took a bite. The teeth marks are so funny!