Saturday, October 11, 2008

First haircut

Today was the day for getting Jacob's first haircut. I picked Sport Clips to give them a try. Great guy place to go with sports on tvs at the stations and tons of sports stuff (decor isn't a manly word) hanging everywhere. I was ready to have some sense to Jacob's hair, but not sure how this would go. Heck, Beth was 3 before she had her first hair cut!

Jacob sat in my lap since I knew he couldn't sit still on his own. We were both draped in the capes. Sarah, Jacob's stylist, got started wetting that crazy hair. He wasn't too sure about it.

It took effort from Beth, Kevin AND me to keep Jacob facing the right way while Sarah cut his hair. Plus the paci and some goldfish. Now, Jacob has the patience of his father, and this was taking too long. He never cried, but he did swat Sarah's hand away once.

Finally, it was finished. Not perfect, but so handsome. Sarah put some gel in to style the stick up. Jacob wasn't too sure about that either. But, he was sooo happy to be done and just wanted to get down.

Here's my handsome little guy with his stylin 'do!


Grandma Charlotte said...

So cute! The final pic shows that he knows that he's more handsome than ever!! Looks like he really did well for the first haircut experience.

Pam said...

Awwwww! Jacob is such a cutie and I love his spikey new 'do.

Casey said...

Im pretty sure she styled it into a mullet.

Laura Hale said...

Casey- if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all :)

Jeri said...

Cute hair cut! I dig it! One of my boys just sat there for his first haircut, the other one screamed like he was being lit on fire.