Saturday, October 18, 2008

She's a star, again

A few weeks ago, my friend Alyssa asked for Beth to be a "model" for some sample pictures at the photo studio she works at- The Studio in Burleson. Of course I said yes. The photo shoot was Beth, her blond friend Austyn and her red-head friend Ariana. They had a "slumber party". The girls wore jommies, dressed up, had pillows and stuffed animals, ate popcorn. Just all around cuteness. They had so much fun too. This week, I got to go look at the pictures and pick my freebies. Oh, that was fun. While I don't have access to show you all the pics, and there were tons, I do have a link for you. Beth is in the intro slide show and in the Children section. When I get my actual pictures, hopefully I can show you. Yes, Mom, Charlotte, Casey and Kheli, I have pics for you :)

Click here-


Poefam said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! :) ... And, awesome pics...she's really good! If she needs any more "models", send her my way! ;)I have a little man that sure loves to smile! :)

Jeri said...

Those pics were adorable! I loved the one with the feather-like bow. :o) Are you starting an account for all her future earnings?

Laura Hale said...

B- I tried to get her to use Jacob, but she didn't need any cute boys this time.

Jeri- if only she'd been paid... though I like having pictures more than money- I'd probably just buy the pictures anyway.

Grandma Charlotte said...

She will always be a star! I'm so proud of her and can't wait to see the pictures.