Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I got searched!

Ok, so I haven't checked with my spy tool in a while. Today, I remembered, and I was searched! The keywords searched were "first haircut" and "overalls". Hmm, now I need to go find where I posted about overalls- I so don't remember.

In other excitement, I found a scorpion in my bathroom a couple nights ago. SCARY! Jacob was on the floor playing, I picked up the towell, and there it was. Of course, J reached for it, and I yanked him up so fast, I hurt his little arm. I killed it and flushed it. No, Pam, I didn't think to take pictures of creatures like you do. The next morning, I called the bug people, and they came to respray. I don't walk into my bathroom or closet without a light on now. Scary!


Casey said...

A scorpion??!?! Ahhhh!

PS- You wrote about overalls in the post about Beth's dance performance.

Pam said...

LOL We had one in our bathroom that I didn't snap a picture of. Of course I already have one scorpion picture in my catalog....

Did you see the picture of our "pet" spider? We have a lizard living in the other dining room window now. Think we need new screens???

Thanks goodness J didn't get stung!