Sunday, October 5, 2008

Star of the show, no really

Beth's first performance under Frances Lea Dance was yesterday, at Grace Luthern's Fall Festival. This girl loves to dance! She's been practicing nearly every day since we got a cd with her class' songs. She got to wear the overalls from San Antonio (which, by the way, my friend and I made/decorated 13 pairs of overalls) and fancy socks instead of tights. Oh, what a great day for that girl!

Ok, here she is, front and center- because she's the tallest or the cutest or the best? You decide!

In other dance news, she's thinking about quitting dance and signing up for soccer. I'm trying to change her mind. She LOVES dancing. I don't think she'll like getting sweaty and the whole game that is soccer. But, we'll see. We've paid for October, and by golly, she's going to finish October.


Pam said...

That was adorable!!! She (and all the other girls) did such a great job.

BTW, my girls want to play soccer too. I'm not sure what the attraction is - maybe it's all that chasing after a ball or soemthing???

Pam said...

regarding the American Girl dolls - Sydney's Godmother was going to get one for her and Delaney last year and I flat out told her no. We wanted them to learn that they don't get everything they ask for, that they have to work for things and that toys cost money too. I just knew they would get the dolls, be thrilled for a month or so and then they'd end up at the bottom of the toy box. Beth is younger so maybe she'll play with it more - but I knew my girls would not be THAT into it.

Thanks for the spanish moss story and your help with the spying tool, btw!

Living the LaBlue Life said...

Too cute!!! Gracie quit her ballet class to join competitive cheerleading at the request of her coach. She LOVES it so much more than she did ballet. She also showed interest in playing soccer, but I don't think we have time!! We need more hours in the day.

I saw your friend's comments about the American Girl Doll. Karen is buying them for the girls for Christmas, so I will not be buying any this year. Just thought I'd let you know. (I knew you weren't too sure about getting Beth one anyway.)

jamielblev said...

Wow! She did a FANTASTIC job. She's such a leader!

Casey said...

Clearly she is the best. Thankfully she received some of my ability somehow. Ha! She can do soccer later, right now all she will do is pick flowers. Make her stick with dance. I cant wait to watch this video with sound at home.