Friday, November 14, 2008

Good week

I've had a good week. I accomplished 3 1/2 things from my list.

HUGE HUGE thanks to Erica for helping me get 2 of those checked off. I went scrapbooking at her house tonight since the traditional Moms Night Out got postponed. This is the first time I've scrapbooked since before Jacob was born. I not only needed some grown up time away from the house, but I needed to scrapbook again. Scrapbooking is my therapy. Plus, there's nothing like a walk down memory lane, looking at days gone by of my precious children and adorable hubby.

The other things accomplished from my list- getting those things ebayed. Now, let's just hope they sell. Then, I got started on organizing the loose recipes and crafts that I've been pulling out of magazines. I hope to finish that up this weekend. Hooray!

Oh, and bonus, I got to buy my Christmas present tonight. Now, I've just got to work on Kevin to let me have it early. Hmmm!


J.E.M. said...

Well, I am SO glad you came over! It was fun to get to know you better. Anytime!

J said...

So what are you getting for your Christmas Present???? hmmmmm

Great job on getting scrapbooking done! Glad tha tyou were able tog et some YOU time in. Sounds like you had a great evening. :o)

J said...

Man, I should proof read better. Sarah was hanging on the keyboard, I was trying to hurry up. Sorry :/

Casey said...

What is your present???????

Laura said...

Jeri- oddly enough, I was able to follow your bad typing :)

My present- a snazzy new camera that I'll have to take classes to learn to use!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Hey Laura, thanks for stopping by my blog.

I got a camera for my Christmas gift this year, too. Except, I went and bought it myself and took it out of the box before there was even a chance to make me wait!