Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kevin's birthday, pt1

Since Kevin's birthday is on Veteran's Day, he takes the day off. We used the time to go to the zoo as a family. We watched the weather all morning and decided to just go after lunch. Let me tell you, that was the way to do it. All the school field trips were leaving, most people had gone home for the day, plus the weather had been iffy. So, it was almost like we had the place to ourselves.

We saw every animal. Ok, so we didn't stop and look at each and every one- the bird area smells- but we walked the entire zoo. All the baby animals were so cute- tigers, lions, giraffes.

Checking out the Gulf touch tank.
Beth touched the shells, Jacob thought he was big getting to be that close to all the stuff.

The momma lion and two of her cubs

Jacob would "hoohoo" at the monkeys and roar at the lions.

Then, we rode the zoo train to the bottom to head home.
It was a great day together as a family. Plus, the kiddos were worn out!


Casey said...

AHHHHHHHH Beth looks so big! In the family picture her legs look as long as mine! I think its time you two come over for a girls trip to Europe!

Laura said...

She had jeans and a somewhat fitted shirt on the other day. She's so tall and skinny! Luckily, the one thing she got from me was long legs.

yaya said...

omg...i noticed too her long legs, and crossed no less! And brother just looking at his sissy.
Jacob looks so much like Kevin AND Ronnie...AND's all good.
What fun memories.
love mom

Living the LaBlue Life said...

What a fun day!!!

Kris and I think we might have seen the conception of these baby cubs when we were at the Fort Worth Zoo!!!! Mom and Dad sure were busy when we walked by their area.

J said...

You look great!!!!! How much does J weigh BTW? He looks so much bigger than Sarah. :o)

Thanks for sharing! You look like y'all had a great time!

Laura said...

Kheli- that's hilarious! Yep, you were there in the spring. Oh my!

Jeri- Um, no idea how much he weighs. He just started sz 4 diapers.