Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kevin's birthday, pt2

Saturday, Kevin's parents came up to visit for his birthday. They took us to lunch at On the Border. YUM! Jacob loves beans and rice! There was a family with a little boy at the table next to us. They were playing hi-five with the little boy, and Jacob holds his hand up for a turn. Thankfully, they obliged. It was so cute!
After lunch, we all headed to the house for some play time and visiting.
Kevin got birthday presents and the kiddos got Christmas goodies
Grandpa/Pa had Jacob just a giggling. They look so handsome in their plaid shirts and jeans. All Jacob needed was some boots to be like Pa.
Beth got Grandma/Gaga to go upstairs to play as soon as she could. I managed to talk her into a picture, when she really just wanted me to go away so they could play. Hmph!
More playing!
We really enjoyed the visit since we don't see them often. Grandma made big plans with Beth for when we visit for Christmas- something about Gracie spending the night, in a tent, in Grandma and Grandpa's room. She was still talking about it today!


Grandma Charlotte said...

It was such a good day for all of us. I can't wait until December 20th!!!!

J said...

Love me some On the Border!!!!

Living the LaBlue Life said...

So sweet!!! Jacob is getting so big!! Give them kisses and hugs from us.