Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shop Til Ya Drop

I love Christmas shopping! Heck, I love shopping! I buy too much, most of it for the kids. I've got 3 more things to pick up for the kids, then they're done. Next, I'll shop for our nieces. That's so much fun too. Eventually, I'll get around to every one else :)
I can't wait to see the Black Friday sales. I love seeing if it's worth getting out extra early. I love making a game plan and budget. I bet there are going to be some big sales this year!
Then, after Christmas, I hit the sales. I love getting decorations and stuff cheap! I really love that Kevin doesn't want to be a part of that shopping insanity, so I get to go alone. What a treat!

Beth's wish list:
Leapster, pink of course
baby doll that goes tee-tee when you squeeze it
bike thing for the tv (some kid video game thing)

Can you guess what she's not getting?

Jacob's preferences:
He also loves socks, animals, pacis, books, and anything that's Beth's.

We're getting Beth/them a trampoline. That will be so much fun for all of us. Kevin's getting the Wii, and that will be a blast for all of us too. Beth played Mario Kart at the store, and she was hooked. Jacob's "big" gift is a car, one of those Little Tikes kind- the fire engine.
What's on your Christmas list?


Angie said...

We're upgrading to big kid looking toys this year so Ben won't think they are for babies. He's getting an airport with jet and people that go in it. It arrived yesterday and I'm about as excited today to show him as he will be on Christmas's so hard to wait...

Living the LaBlue Life said...

I'm guessing yall aren't getting Beth the doll that goes tee-tee???

Gracie started making her list the other night. She wants bras for Christmas!! One's with flowers???? She also said she wants jommies,earrings, paint, the new Fancy Nancy book and video games.

Emily wants anything Elmo or Dora!!!

Have fun shopping. It's SOOOOOOO much fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

Bingo Kheli! We're also not getting the bike game thing.
Bras?! What the heck?! Does Em have the little Elmo, Cookie, etc dolls that do nothing from Target? I was thinking about getting her a couple.

Angie- it's hard to transition to big toys when you still have little ones, isn't it! Link to the plane?