Monday, November 3, 2008

My fabulous days!

Ok, so last week was my yearly "girl" doctor trip. How can that possibly make for a fabulous day, you ask? I got to go all by myself!!!!! Then, I went to Babies R Us and Target, BY MYSELF. Then, I even had lunch by myself and a much needed pedicure (the last one was in August, with Mom and Beth). How marvelous! Wait, it gets better. Kevin had taken the whole day off and decided to take Beth to a movie while Jacob napped. More time BY MYSELF!!!!! I wonder if I can schedule these every few months :)

So, my other fabulous day. I thought it would be interesting to see, in print, what I do on a typical Monday.
wake up to crying kid and singing kid- can you guess which is which?
change stinky, soaked diaper and maybe the sheets
kids have playtime while I play online a little and drink caffine
start breakfast
do some laundry
feed the kids breakfast, maybe eat some for myself
clean up dishes, including various dishes found around the house last night
do some house straightening- pick up toys, make bed
put Jacob down for a nap
do a "lesson" with Beth
oh yeah, need to switch the laundry
dang, why is he already waking up, I have more to do
change another stinky diaper
option 1- get everyone dressed to run errands, eat lunch
option 2- eat lunch
more laundry, more dishes
option 1b- go run errands
option 2b- play
naptime for both kids!
mommy gets quiet internet time
oh yeah, I should do some chores and more laundry
make sure kids are up by 4:15
change stinky diaper- at least he's regular
cajole grumpy Beth to get up and get dressed for dance
pack snacks and head out the door to dance
keep Jacob from annoying people, climbing the stairs, going where he doesn't belong- in the 45 mintues Beth is in class
pick up McDonalds on the way home
eat "fancy" Mc Donalds dinner while we catch up with Kevin's "busy" day
bath time for kids
Jacob to bed, movie for Beth, Kevin online
pick up toys, again
maybe sit down to watch a dvr'd show
bedtime for Beth
pick up various dishes around the house
finish watching show
eventually go to bed, maybe read

Ugh, Mondays wear me out. But I'm glad I don't have to add "go to work" in that list.

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Jeri said...

I forgot to tell you, I am so excited for you that you got some YOU TIME! That rocks! Sounds like you had an awesome day. :o)