Friday, November 28, 2008

To Popi and Yaya's house we go

Ok, so it's not really their house, it's the temporary town-house while their real house is being repaired post-Ike. Regardless, it's been a blast. We got here Tuesday evening and will leave tomorrow. The kids have been playing as much as they can, wearing out Popi and Yaya. Yaya had a few toys left that didn't get moldy. She'd bought a few new books and toys, and all new art supplies. What fun for Beth. She's been making all kinds of crafts, without scissors- she'd left them out where Jacob could reach them, so she was grounded. Jacob was very excited about the bouncy ball, but even more excited about a plastic box new blocks came in.

Beth doing crafts in the closet

Feel free to stop reading now. I needed to record the events and moments from our trip so I could have it all written when I eventually scrapbook this. There are lots of details about each day below. If you brave reading, I hope you enjoy, though I'm not an exciting writer.

Wednesday- Beth and Yaya went to Nanny's house to help get it cleaned for Thanksgiving "feast" (Beth loves that word). When Jacob woke up from his first nap, we joined them briefly then met our former playgroup friend, Christie- and her boys, for lunch. It was good to see them and catch up as much we can with kiddos around. After kiddo nap, we all went to Popi and Yaya's real house to see the progress. I think it helped Beth understand all we've been talking about with the storm and why they live somewhere else right now. It was odd to see all the trash still piled down the street, the yards with obviously fewer trees, the houses obviously empty while houses are being repaired. I never did drive around the town that was mostly devastaed. I don't know that I could, certainly not with Beth in the car. Off to dinner for some good Mexican food - Jacob loves ladas, beans and rice like Beth did. He also loves to be independent and feed himself. Then, to Popi and Yaya's church. Their building a new sanctuary, and the members were invited to write verses on the floor before the carpet is installed. What a great idea- to always be standing on the Word!

Thursday- Kevin drove in to meet for lunch. We all went to Nanny's house for delicious traditional dinner. Aunt Madeline, Aunt Diann and one of her firends were there too. We all ate WAY too much, and really enjoyed each other's company. I'm so thankful for the time together. Since it was a small crowd by family standards, it was pretty cool to sit at the grown-up table. Jacob loves to say "Nan-neeee", and Nanny loves to hear it. She just adores him. Beth loved the turkey, ham and rolls, especially since Nanny remembered to have ranch for her. Jacob loved everything, for a while. Then, he'd put his don't-like foods in the cup holder on the tray. Goofy kid. Back to the townhouse for kiddo naps and I planned my shopping plan.

At Nanny's house- I can't believe I didn't get any with Nanny

Friday- Dad/Popi and I got started shopping at 5:30am. Only one store was out of what we were looking for, sorda- we got Mom's but not mine and Dad's. We didn't have a wait in line- not at Kohls or Target- until we went to the mall , for one stinkin store. We were finished with our lists and on the way back by 10:30! Meanwhile, Yaya and the kids had been playing away. It was a bit warm, so Jacob was only sleeping in a shirt and diaper. Apparently he didn't want that wet diaper, since he took it off before Yaya could get in there. Haha! At least it was only wet! After afternoon kiddo nap, we went back to the real house to write on the concrete before the flooring goes down. My friends and neighbors, Sarah and Rachel, were in town visiting and helping their parents repair post-Ike. It was good to see them too. Back to the townhouse for a traditional pizza picnic. Jacob loves pizza as much as the rest of it. Beth, of course, loves pizza with ranch.

New Jacob tricks- He's been so entertaining and busy! New signs- thank you, car, cat, socks. New words- thank you, Popi, Casey, up (when he wants to be held). New tricks- nodding his head when you ask a question or he likes something, copying Popi's hand trick (don't ask, it's a weird family thing), telling us "poopoo" after he does his business.

Beth doesn't really have new tricks. She still asks lots of questions. She still have 4 year old drama. And she still amazes me with what she knows and can do.

Popi's "lap of love"


Casey said...

Casey! Jacob said Casey!

Laura said...

Oh, that's right.

J.E.M. said...

BUSY! Sounds like a fun weekend. Yes, I want to scrapbook (when?)and yes to the dinner if Megan will freakin' get better!

yaya said...

Oh what fun. Popi and I are played OUT. We played hard. We had so much fun with all three of you staying at the townhouse, sharing the progress of our "new home", feasting at Nanny's and shopping. Next time we will definitely plan to visit Festival of Lights. Thank you for sharing the Thanksgiving holidays with us. Thank you for sharing the joy of writing God's word on our church floor. Thank you for writing on the floor of our home. We will take a picture of Beth's drawing and verse. We do have so much to be thankful for. We love you.

J said...

Thanks for sharing! Sounds like a great time had by all. Hope you are enjoying your Christmas season as much. I know you are.