Monday, June 1, 2009


I've struggled with this in more than one way. I've wondered about putting my thoughts to print. I can't believe my baby girl is about to go to kindergarten. I mean, I knew it was coming, but it wasn't real until kindergarten round-up. Her turning 5 didn't hit me as emotionally as kindergarten enrollment. I made my appointment with the school. We signed her up. She's so excited about being in school. She wanted to start immediately. Ever since we knew the day was coming, I've had pro and con lists running in my head- homeschool vs. public vs. private. That's a lot to think about! Trust me, it's a lot. So much that I deleted all my thoughts at fear of being long-winded. After we'd attended the public school enrollment thing, my heart was still tugged that I wasn't 100% sure. Kevin and I did lots of talking and listing and praying. How blessed we are that we have a choice- within our family, within this country- as to where we send our child to school! I'm so glad it's not a matter of "if" she goes to school. Friday, we enrolled Beth in the Christian school at our church. I'm relieved. I know that she will get a great education. I feel confident in knowing she will be loved and encouraged by the staff- they already know and love her. She has church friends and a mom-club friend who will be in her class (which right now has 10 students). She will attend half-day, so we'll still have afternoons to rest and spend time together. Now, I haven't told her about the uniforms yet, but I know it won't be a problem- she gets to wear skirts and dresses.


Fred said...

Skirts and dresses? Shouldn't have to twist her arm. :}
I know that was a tough decision. I don't think we thought (at least me) about it that much. We just knew we wanted you and Casey in a Christian School to start. That solid foundation helps to survive the public system later on.
10 more days!

AtwoodArena said...

I know this has been a tough decision. Glad you are happy and somewhat ready to go.
I know Beth will do fabulous!

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

*Jumping up and down!*
Yeah! I think this will be awesome for Beth. The smaller class size will make it much more possible for the teacher to challenge her. We have several kids who do the next Abeka phonics and math work books. Then, they can stay with their peers and still be doing work on their level. Maybe they could do that? She only has one chance to do each grade, why skip it?

I can't wait to test her reading level!

J.J. said...

Glad that that decision making step is done :) Now you just have to prepare yourself for her first day of school. I think that harder adjustment for me was the change to 1st grade and sending them to school all day. (don't get me wrong....I shed a tear or two on the first day of Kinder for both, and their K graduations, and soo many other things) We only did half day Kinder also...and man...I missed A when she was at school all day in 1st. This year W will make the jump to all day in 1st.

Hugs and prayers for you girl :)

Angie said...

How great to feel confident in your decision. She'll do amazing! And you will probably never have regrets with that choice. What a blessing that it was an option for your cute family. You are a fantastic mom.